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In today’s world, your company’s ability to innovate is THE key to improving competitiveness. The only way to achieve sustainable growth is through professional technology management. We are the partner of choice when it comes to the strategic protection of your company’s know-how and helping you find answers to the following questions:

  • How do I create an innovation-friendly environment?
  • How do I protect ideas and safeguard technologies?
  • How do I market my know-how?
  • How do I avoid duplicate development work?


Do you keep asking yourself how you can create a climate that is conducive to innovation?
How you can safeguard the value of your company’s know-how and thus pave the way to a successful future?

We can help you find a way to protect the value of your technologies, since professional patent strategies relieve the pressure of competition. The toolbox that we have developed expressly for this purpose outlines the key steps involved:


Think back to both one of your recent successes and one of your recent failures. Take a good look at them and then let them go. If you want to encourage innovation, you have to rid yourself of old habits and focus on the new. It is “fast” innovation leadership that provides THE decisive competitive advantage – especially in this fast-moving age of digitalization, IoT and big data.


Meet these challenges and give your employees free rein to come up with new ideas. Encourage the unconventional, take the road less traveled and leave familiar, highly complex process models behind. Think outside the box and gain new perspectives. Away from merely filing patents for technical innovations and toward increasing value on the strength of the competitive advantages that product benefits and USPs offer.


As a pioneer in IP management, we search for, identify and examine technologies to determine the likelihood of market success and provide you with support along the entire length of the technology management value chain:

  • Explore and examine feasibility.
  • Develop the technologies into marketable products.
  • Package them in a marketable form.
  • Develop business models.
  • Bring together vendors and users.
  • Provide you with support through to market launch.


Association of German Transport Companies (VDV)

We have been providing support to the Association of German Transport Companies, which represents the approximately 500 public transport companies, since 2014. This project addresses the question of how to create a nationwide online ticket platform.

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Portfolio management

Florenus provides one of the leading European telecommunications companies worldwide with advice on commercializing patents and managing technology portfolios. In early 2017, the two companies organized an event on "Next Generation IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Collaboration" in Berlin. Approximately 30 international companies and numerous IPR experts attended this event.

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Vypii GmbH

Florenus AG is currently providing the Berlin-headquartered startup Vypii GmbH with support in the field of IP security and marketing. To date it has provided an initial description, evaluation and patent application of the augmented reality applications for sales promotion and service. Florenus is now helping Vypii gain the greatest possible added value from the technology.

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Telia Company AB

The Telia Company is one of the leading Telecommunication Companies in the world. The Florenus AG continuously supports the Technology Portfolio Management of the Telia Company. Our experts identify, evaluate and utilise technologies in order to continuously optimize the overall intellectual property portfolio.

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