IP risk management

Efficient IP risk management: A guide

In today's business world, intellectual property (IP) rights such as patents, trade marks and designs are invaluable. They secure innovation and contribute significantly to a company's competitiveness. However, without effective IP risk management, these valuable resources can easily be jeopardised. This is where regular IP risk management comes into play.

The importance of IP risk management

IP risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks associated with a company's intellectual property. Without systematic risk management, companies can encounter unprepared conflicts with competitors, suffer financial losses and jeopardise their market position.

Our method: Regular risk analysis

To help companies manage their IP risks effectively, we have developed a structured approach based on regular risk analyses. This method ensures that risks are continuously monitored and timely action can be taken. Our approach comprises several key steps, which are set out in a clear reporting document:

  1. Overview of the IP portfolio
    - Recording and cataloguing of all IP rights.
    - Identification of newly added and expired IP rights.
  2. IP research and monitoring
    - Carrying out regular patent, trade mark and design searches.
    - Identification of potential conflicts and risks of confusion.
  3. Evaluation of the protective measures
    - Review of internal guidelines on the use of IP
    - Securing confidential information through measures such as NDAs.
  4. Risk assessment and measures
    - Classification of identified risks according to probability and impact.
    - Formulation of measures to minimise risk and assignment of responsible employees.
  5. Reporting and management
    - Preparation of a report for senior management.
    - Approval of the report by the Managing Director to ensure compliance with company guidelines.


Advantages of this method

  • Systematic risk assessment:

    IP risks are identified and evaluated at an early stage through regular analyses.

  • Proactive risk minimisation:

    Targeted risk minimisation measures are formulated and implemented.

  • Improved communicationResponsibilities are clearly assigned and the management is actively involved.

  • Comprehensible documentationAll risk management steps are documented and can be traced at any time.

Free IP risk management report

To make it easier for you to get started with IP risk management, we offer you our IP risk management report including data sheet for download. These documents serve as a guide to help you systematically analyse and manage your IP risks.


Take the opportunity to better arm your company against IP risks and protect your valuable intellectual property rights. 

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