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The focus is on technologies and digitization concepts in order to advance important topics such as the achievement of climate protection goals, the digitization of buses and railways and innovative e-mobility applications. The potential gained is great: from improved energy efficiency, greater punctuality thanks to new systems, increased capacity for buses and railways, to minimizing operating costs. How do you get there quickly? Which technologies can you build on? Technology scouting is the ideal tool to scan the market. If new technologies are developed, the unique selling points of these systems and technologies should be secured by IP management.


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New technologies and digitization concepts to achieve climate protection goals, digitization more innovative
e-Mobility applications

The number of suggested solutions has risen to the same extent. New technologies and digitization play a central role. The networking of digital business models, the use of electric drives or alternative fuels and intelligent traffic management are technology areas that are being discussed for all bus, rail and individual transport sectors. Keeping an overview of which is the right way to implement it is a great challenge.

For many years we have supported companies and organizations in the public and private transport sector in projects to find the right answers. For example, the search for new storage technologies or condition monitoring systems for mobility applications was one of our tasks, as well as other questions about intelligent digitization. 

We showed the possibilities of networking digital systems in sales and purchasing and the design of a solution platform, developed the implementation concept and partially accompanied the implementation. 

We know many on-demand system providers in Europe and have suggested partners to our customers, with the help of whom a fast, efficient and modern implementation can be achieved.

Mobility in the future

The future of mobility will continue to be an answer to an individual need of a person in an organization. Transport of a person or a good to a destination.

Changes in user behavior in terms of climate protection and the transition to traffic in individual mobility usually take several years. Sometimes even generations. 

The environmental association for public transport, pedestrian and bicycle traffic will be the backbone of the traffic and climate change. For the success of the traffic turnaround, the networking of the backbone with offer systems such as ON-Demand, scheduled transport, car and bike sharing is essential. The many isolated solutions that have emerged in recent years have created high technical barriers at the level of digital system platforms for the integration of offers. This must be broken with new intelligent solutions for networking. 

Different challenges in the traffic mix in metropolises and in rural areas also require different answers and solutions for technological approaches.


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