Introduction A state of the art search can be commissioned both internally and externally. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we explain how the state of the art is defined. Does the result serve as a basis for important decisions? 

Introduction The current state of the art is defined in the Patent Act (§ 3 PatG) as follows: "The state of the art comprises all knowledge which has been made available before the date relevant for the priority of the application by written or oral description, by use or

Technology scouting helps to recognise trends at an early stage.
A scouting process consists of several steps and comprises a service package starting with the definition of the company's goals up to the development of contracts between the actors.

Ensuring the competitiveness of a company is the goal of every corporate strategy. To achieve this, it is obviously advantageous to be able to assess future developments. In the best case scenario, technology scouting helps to identify such forward-looking technologies. RECOGNISING NEW TRENDS AT AN EARLY STAGE ENABLES THE

Technology scouting is a sub-area of innovation management. The term scouting means in German: "peek, seek out". Technology scouts are specialists from a wide variety of industries. You look for and identify new trends and innovations to solve specific problems.

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